A Sociology Experiment

What if a group of the most creative, passionate writers and teachers of Sociology got together to write the chapters of a new kind of textbook? What if they offered those chapters directly to students for $1?

A Sociology Experiment is designed for instructors teaching Introduction to Sociology (or related courses) who want to assign a uniquely engaging set of chapters written by a diverse group of the best writers and teachers in every area of Sociology. It is for those who want to integrate supplemental readings, videos, maps, and data from the web into their lectures, for those who want to incorporate discussion topics, group projects and data exercises into each week of their Sociology course. And it is for teachers who want to deliver all of this to students for $1 per chapter. It is more expansive than any other textbook out there, and it gives instructors everything they could possibly need to teach an extraordinary course. We are extremely proud of this resource; we hope it helps you inspire students every week of the semester.